Saving Time By Going with the Flow with Bitly

Saving time is very important in any business. Technology has helped make this more and more possible. Learn how Bitly came together with Flow to help make tedious tasks much easier.

The majority of technology that is being developed today is designed to make life easier. Whether that means it makes a task easier, improves productivity, or simply makes life more enjoyable depends on the device and the technology. Bitly, which you may know from trying to shorten links for Twitter, is looking to shorten workflows now too. When you use their new process, you can save time and boost your productivity. Creating shorter URLs has never been easier.

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Bitly Integrating with Flow

Flow is Microsoft’s workflow automation tool. Flow already helps you complete tasks much faster during the work day but now you can create shortened URLs with added speed. Since flow is already set up to boost productivity and shorten workflows, Bitly know it was the ideal collaboration. Bitly now has integrated with Flow so that users can access the tool quickly and easily on the same dashboard.

How it Works

Instead of going to Bitly’s website to shorten your URLs, which can take a lot of time if you are trying to shorten a lot of them at one time, it will automatically take care of it in Flow for you as well as post it. The integration can be used to automatically syndicate blog posts to social media when a new piece goes live. For example, if you are working on a blog post that you are ready to make live, when you set it up to post, you will also create new Bitlinks for all of your connected social media. Not only will it create these links but it will go ahead and post it on your social media websites at the same time the blog is posted. Another thing that it does is brand your links. Instead of showing Bitly as the link, it will brand it for you and create a custom link based on the blog information. The benefit of this is that branded links tend to build more trust and will look more consistent. They can even increase click-through rates by up to 34%, as found in a recent study. The last major component is that you can also see all kinds of insights in your Flow dashboard that you would normally have to go to Bitly to view. It will show you how many clicks it generated, when people clicked, where they clicked, the device they used at the time, and much more. Everything comes together to save you time and make you more efficient.

Setting it Up in Flow

Bitly is not automatically connected to Flow but it is not difficult to set up. In Microsoft Flow, all you need to do is pick a trigger or action you would like to leverage. You will have to authenticate your Bitly account by logging in. This will verify your Bitly account. All that is left is authorizing Flow to access your link history and create links for you. Let the automated link building begin!

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