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If you’ve never heard of a virtual CIO, you probably assume you don’t need one. But, virtual CIOs, or vCIOs, give companies the benefit of a high-level technology executive without the cost of hiring an in-house CIO. Virtual CIOs examine your current infrastructure, locate gaps in security and productivity, and implement solutions to improve your business operations.

Answer these questions to see whether your business could benefit from a vCIO:

If your network failed because of a natural disaster, cyber attack or employee error, how long would it take you to recover your mission-critical data?

A. A few hours to a couple of days. Everything is backed up to an accessible location.

B. A week to several months. Some of our data is in the cloud but not all of it, and we’re not sure how to restore it.

C. We would have to start from scratch.

Have you developed a strategic technology roadmap for the future of your business?

A. We know exactly which solutions align with our business goals to support our growth.

B. Sort of. We have an idea of where we want to go, but it’s not fully fleshed out.

C. We’re just trying to get through today.

When was the last time you conducted comprehensive assessments of your systems and network?

A. The results were good to excellent.

B. More than a year ago. Things have changed since then, but the foundation is strong.

C. Not since we started the company. Our assessments are no longer relevant.

How confident are you that you’re meeting the compliance standards for your industry?

A. Extremely confident. We have strict compliance standards in place and keep up with changes.

B. Moderately confident. We understand the rules for compliance but haven’t implemented processes to consistently hit the mark.

C. Not confident at all. We’re overwhelmed by the work involved in meeting compliance, or we don’t know which regulations apply to us.

How much insight do you get from the data you collect?

A. We know how to read our data and apply it to our real-world operations.

B. It could be more useful, but we don’t have the time or expertise to analyze it.

C. It’s just a jumble of numbers on a spreadsheet at this point.

Mostly As: Congratulations – your business has a fairly strong IT infrastructure. But, you could still use an expert to align your technology with your goals for the future. With the guidance and recommendations of a vCIO, you can make decisions about your technology with confidence.

Mostly Bs: The pieces are in place – now, you just need someone to bring them together. By enlisting the services of a virtual CIO, you can optimize your technology to save money, boost productivity and adapt to changes.

Mostly Cs: Unreliable technology is holding you back. A vCIO performs comprehensive assessments to identify weaknesses in your existing infrastructure and recommends ways to close security gaps, meet compliance standards, get the most from your data and more.

Whatever your industry or business size, a virtual CIO takes high-level IT planning off your plate. Contact us today to learn how a vCIO can take your business to the next level.