McLane Intelligent Solutions offers co-managed IT services in central and southern Texas. We can assist your IT department with projects, planning, proactive monitoring, data backups and more. If you need strategic IT advice, we have been helping Texas businesses navigate the IT landscape since 1999. With McLane, you’ll have a trusted and experienced partner.

Our co-managed IT services include network and server management, virtual CIO and 24/7 help desk. We work with your current IT staff to relieve workload so they can focus on other tasks. Don’t let your team be overwhelmed when you can increase productivity and efficiency by outsourcing certain IT functions. McLane provides co-managed IT services to companies in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Waco, Bryan-College Station, Tempe/Killeen, San Angelo, Tyler/Longview, and South Texas.


Growth and Technology Changes Increase Demand on IT

As your company grows so do your IT needs. More people, more equipment, and more data equal more time to keep IT running smoothly. However, hiring additional staff may not be the right financial choice. McLane Intelligent Solutions helps to fill the gap without the cost of another in-house employee.

In addition, technology evolves so rapidly it can be hard to keep pace, especially when your IT department is busy managing the day-to-day. As IT consultants, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest advances in technology and how they affect your business.

Virtual CIO

Perhaps your IT department is effectively handling all the daily business tasks but needs a high-level strategy. Do you have a roadmap for the future? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Are you meeting industry compliancy requirements? A Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) from McLane can work with your team so you can answer “Yes” to all these critical questions.

A Virtual CIO provides high-level strategy, planning, guidance, and direction. They are experts in IT and bring years of knowledge and experience to your organization. Part of our process includes examining your current infrastructure, locating gaps in security and productivity, and implementing solutions.

We can create growth plans, so you understand the IT needs and cost implications of your organization as it expands. When was the last time there was a comprehensive review of your network? We handle that too. Many times, it’s easier for a third party to pinpoint problems and bring new perspectives.

Take our free assessment to see if your company could benefit from a vCIO.


24/7 Help Desk Support

Technology doesn’t stop for the clock and neither do we. That’s why we offer 24/7 Help Desk support provided by technicians who are friendly, patient and know how to solve IT problems – big and small.

Does your IT department need help with an issue? Let’s see what we can achieve when we put our heads together. Our experienced team will work with your staff to overcome IT roadblocks.

Does your team have the work day handled, but there’s no coverage for nights or weekends? Downtime costs money in lost productivity and systems need to be operational no matter the day or time. We know every minute counts and situations can be critical and time-sensitive. You can rely on McLane’s responsive team to troubleshoot and fix problems efficiently.

Server & Network Management

Data and IT systems are the lifeblood of many businesses. Without them, work comes to a screeching halt. Interruptions result in lost productivity and money. This is frustrating for everyone – employees, customers and vendors.

McLane can work with your team or operate independently to manage, monitor, update and protect your hardware and software.

Outsourcing IT in Texas

If you’re a Texas company looking to outsource all or part of your IT needs, contact McLane Intelligent Solutions. We specialize in small to medium sized businesses in a variety of industries. We’ve worked with accounting, government, engineering, manufacturing, insurance, legal, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas and more.

We conduct business based on five core values – integrity is key, service above self, work with rigor, authentic conversation and enjoy/be a joy.

Call us at 866-551-4628. We look forward to learning more about your business!