Navasota Industrial Supply: A Symbol Of Excellence

Since 1986, Navasota Industrial Supply has established a reputation for excellence throughout the petroleum and manufacturing industries which has allowed them to expand to a wide variety of customers, ranging from small businesses to some of the largest multinational companies in the world.  These customers choose NIS for their ability to anticipate and respond to their ever-changing needs.  NIS is proud to provide customers with the most reliable service, superior quality, and cost–effective value in the industry.

Although they have the products you would expect from a premier supplier, NIS is tenacious in their efforts to make sure every aspect of the client’s supply chain is efficient and provides additional savings.  Inventory management is an area a lot of businesses overlook.  NIS employs an expert team of professionals that can identify areas of concern in just about every operation and formulate solutions that will save money as well as increase productivity.

Navasota Industrial Supply has been a client of McLane Intel since 2002 and continues to embrace emerging technologies to protect their internal assets as well as their clients’ data.  In addition to deployed software such as antivirus and spam filtering, NIS utilizes the latest firewall hardware and a Backup Disaster Recovery device to ensure their network and data are always available to support the needs of their clients and employees.

To discover how NIS can support you or your clients, you can visit their website at , email them at or call them at 800-460-2442.