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Read this blog to learn the top five reasons to subscribe to Office 365. We discuss its affordability, its super packed list of technologies and services, the perks you gain, the fact that you can share it, and its mobile compatibility. Learn also why it brings another layer of security and helps boost efficiency.  

  1. It’s affordable — Three levels for business starting $5/month per user. For 8.25/month you get Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher plus One Drive. For a few dollars more you gain Exchange, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams. For home users, $99 a year gives you five user access to all six Office products plus Access and services such as OneDrive and Skype. That’s value packed!
  2. It’s Robust — Lots of storage, powerful software, and OneDrive which gives you access to documents and stored data from any internet connection. OneDrive makes it easy to share work, collaborate and access work. Because OneDrive documents are stored in the cloud, they are more secure against cyber threats such as ransomware. Office 365 bridges the gap for many businesses and introduces them to the advantages of cloud computing. However, you don’t need cloud computing to make use of the many benefits in Office 365.
  3. Includes Perks: Such as free Skype time like a whole hour per month of Skype communication time. It is not just free Skype minutes, but free minutes you can use to call anyone located in any of the 60 countries that Skype services. Because Video meetings are important to businesses that work in the global marketplace, it makes sense that Skype would partner with Microsoft. Together, Office 365 + Skype, they provide a package that enables and empowers businesses to harness the power of the internet.
  4. It’s Shareable — Five devices at home and five users for Home. For home users, you can link five machines and add four other people in addition to yourself. For businesses, the cost of Office 365 is per user so you can easily manage the expenses of a growing company.
  5. It’s 100 Percent Mobile Compatible — Unleash your real potential with engaging apps that support Office 365 on desktops or mobile devices. Without the subscription, app usage is limited. Bringing office 365 to mobile empowers small businesses, includes mobile businesses, and allows sales and marketing teams to do their jobs efficiently.

These are just five of the reasons to subscribe to Office 365. There are many others. What is important to know is that Office 365 is still the same Microsoft Office that you are used to it just has a host of new technology that brings the suite into the age of technology. Also, this is Software as a service (SaaS), and that means added security. You no longer have to worry about updating patches, or whether or not you have the latest version. You will always have the current version, and the patch installation happens at the source.

If you are interested in software and hardware the improve the efficiency of your office, mobile team or marketing crew, then consider the advantage of Office 365. At McLane Intelligent Solutions we solve these kinds of problems for companies throughout Texas. You can us, but for faster service that is customized to your business phone: (866) 551-4628 We offer professional services that help companies improve efficiency and work at their full potential.