Hosted Email Solutions

Move your email to the cloud

Exchange can give your company many powerful tools. Putting them into action can improve user productivity and foster better collaboration between coworkers. However, without proper configuration, you may encounter serious issues. These issues can cost your company thousands of dollars or more in wasted productivity and IT support.

Even if your Exchange server is managed proactively by an IT firm like McLane Intelligent Solutions; hardware, electricity, and monthly management are all expenses required just to keep the server at your location. Hosting it on the ConstantCare Cloud eliminates all of that overhead, saving you money.

Collaboration and Accessibility

Microsoft Exchange offers many capabilities to organize and streamline communication and collaboration

Enable your users to collaborate with Microsoft Outlook and archive mail automatically. Exchange hosting can vastly increase your productivity with collaboration tools, meeting schedulers, and much more. Best of all, your hosted Exchange server will be configured according to the industry’s best practices and security policies.

Exchange allows your company to have public folders to share files, email templates and more. You can even share any folder in your mailbox. With Exchange, your employee calendars can be viewed side by side to make it easier to schedule meetings and events.

Anywhere Access

If you need access from out of the office, Exchange has you covered

With McLane Intelligent Solutions Hosted Exchange, you can rest assured that your server is set up with the tools necessary and the security your company needs to be successful. Exchange equips your workforce with the ability to check their email securely from their mobile device, or from any web browser.

Sync your mailbox to your device and take your office with you. If you lose your phone, don’t worry. With mobile device policies, we can wipe the device remotely to ensure that your sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Live Email Archiving

Email compliance may require long-term email retention

Our email archiving feature offers an advanced storage, retrieval, and search system where users are able to access their email archive. This functionality is also critical to system failover, allowing users to operate in a disaster should their primary email system be inaccessible.

Email archiving can be implemented quickly and effectively with no upfront hardware or software costs. Message archiving can be configured for storage of as little as 30 days and as much as 10 years to meet any regulatory or business demand.

Email Encryption

HIPAA or other regulations may require email encryption

Email encryption can allow 100% of digital communication to be secure and private. Critical features include: automatic encryption based on content, no requirements for the email recipient to download software, interoperability with standard encryption systems, and seamless decryption for local users.

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