IT service providers are not all the same. Some offer geek speak, untimely responses, and expensive solutions — none of which help your business. You need an IT service provider that anticipates your needs, keeps your technology and business running, and improves operations.

McLane Intelligent Solutions stands apart from the IT service providers crowd. We pride ourselves on being responsive, friendly, and able to communicate technology in a way that business leaders understand. We’ve solved unique IT challenges and streamlined technical support for 20 years running to help businesses grow and plan for the future.

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Managed and
Co-Managed IT Services

No technology is immune to the occasional hiccup, but sometimes your IT to-do list takes over your entire workday, and your time, money and peace of mind are valuable. Whether you need to fully outsource your IT or your existing team needs strategic guidance, our managed and co-managed IT services are the cure for your technology headache. Our friendly help desk technicians proactively monitor your network and servers to ensure everything is updated and properly backed up.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Your team produces their best work when they’re able to communicate and collaborate easily. Making the transition to the cloud gives your team the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. But, oftentimes the transition can be time-consuming and tricky. Our team at McLane Intelligent Solutions makes your migration to the cloud seamless with our cloud-based solutions.

24/7 IT Help Desk

Some IT roadblocks can stump even your most tech-savvy employee. When an IT challenge is taking too much time away from your team, give our 24/7 IT help desk a call. You’ll discover that our technicians are friendly and normal people that break technology down to a level that anyone can understand. We talk to you, not above you. Let’s see what we can achieve when we put our heads together.

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