When it comes to your technology, there’s always a big decision to be made. You know that your IT is the backbone of your success, but without the necessary expertise and experience, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the experience of a knowledgeable executive without having to hire one full time?

Well, with McLane Intelligent Solutions’ IT consulting you can. Our team has the knowledge and background to provide you with advice for the game-changing decisions you need to make. We’ll learn your business goals, priorities and strategies and then recommend the best technology strategy to get you to your big-picture goal.

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Managed and Co-Managed IT Services

No technology is immune to the occasional hiccup, but sometimes your IT to-do list takes over your entire workday, and your time, money and peace of mind are valuable. Whether you need to fully outsource your IT or your existing team needs strategic guidance, our managed and co-managed IT services are the cure for your technology headache. Our friendly help desk technicians proactively monitor your network and servers to ensure everything is updated and properly backed up.

Virtual CIO Services

Imagine having a seasoned IT expert on your team ensuring every technology decision made aligns with your business goals without the huge price tag. As part of our IT outsourcing services, we’ll assign you a virtual chief information officer (vCIO). Your vCIO will work with you to understand your business, map out your goals and improve your technology so you’re never slowed down.

24/7 IT Help Desk

Are you tired of trying to chase down your IT provider? Or maybe you’re tired of not understanding the “geek speak” solutions your managed services provider gives you when you call. When you call our 24/7 IT help desk with your IT challenges, you’ll discover that our technicians are friendly and normal people that break technology down to a level that anyone can understand. We talk to you, not above you. Give us a call and see for yourself.

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