Caring about our Community and Impacting our World

We care.

It’s as simple as that.

We do what we do – so we can give back.

We don’t believe that a company is just there to make a profit and move on…

We believe in people, in the community, and in helping the next guy.

Yes, we know that’s what a lot of companies say…


We put our talk into action with dollars in hand and boots on the ground.

Take a look at the charities that McLane Intel partners with to help foster a better community and bring positive change to the world around us.

Computer Support in DFW
Computer Support in Austin
Computer Support in College Station


Computer Support in Temple
Computer Support in Waco
Computer Support in Dallas


Computer Support in Round Rock

For the McLane Intel team, being involved in charitable and community work goes much further than handing over a cheque, taking a victory lap, and going home…

Each of our employees reaches out and impacts their corner of the world by volunteering in churches, charities, and community events.

Just ask them. They’d love to tell you about the charities we support as a company and the causes that are important to them in their individual journeys.

But we want you to do more than listen to us talk about what we are doing…

Join us!

Be a part of something remarkable.

By partnering with the McLane Intel team, you enable us to do even more within our community and across our planet.

Donate with us!

Volunteer with us!

Grow your business with us and let’s do great things together!

Let’s get started…

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