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Chances are that your competition is already using the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools to maximize their productivity and grow their business, so why aren’t you? This is a powerhouse of a platform that will change your business culture and deliver immediate results, and now it’s more affordable than ever.

Office 365 is more than just another software product filled with empty promises – it’s an integrated experience of applications and services with a familiar face. Microsoft has been providing solutions for some of the biggest companies in the world for decades. Now, with O365, they’ve raised the standard for business growth. Imagine bringing together all of your people, processes and technology and being able to manage all of that productivity seamlessly, all through cloud computing. Office 365 makes that a reality. And if you’re not onboard with it yet, we can help you get there.

O365 encompasses Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive – available on ALL of your devices, no matter the operating system. That’s right – O365 is OS-agnostic and works on Windows-based PCs, Android devices, Mac OS and iOS. It also offers the options of these services: Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. And, all updates and service packs are included in your monthly subscription. Daunting, isn’t it?

That’s where McLane comes in. You need a solid managed IT services provider to ease the transition over to O365. We will migrate, integrate and manage your Microsoft Office 365 subscription into your server and network without a hitch. Worried about your data’s safety when it comes to cloud computing? Don’t be. Microsoft Office 365 offers choice like Hybrid Cloud Computing, and incorporates exclusive, proprietary security features to protect your sensitive data. They have also added in a Compliance Manager to help you meet the standards necessary to keep you in business. Plus, we’re watching your data 24/7, and often solve a problem before you even realize you had one.

Benefits of having a Managed IT Services Provider:

  • Take Your Productivity to Heights Unknown

Whether you have a thin IT department – or none at all – with an MSP you’ll be giving your staff the tools to produce their very best work not only raises morale but positively affects your bottom line. The 2018 “Forrester Consulting Report on the ROI of O365” concluded that the group of applications and services that make up O365 cut support time by 50%, saved mobile/field employees at least one hour per day and afforded analysts, managers and sales people the opportunity to make better and faster decisions because they had information in real-time. More productivity means better revenue and happy clients.

  • Worry-free IT Performance

We can integrate O365 seamlessly with your existing system and network. With 24/7 support available, you don’t just add O365 to your productivity tool box, O365 becomes your tool box. To get every last drop out of all the services that make up Microsoft Office 365, you need a great partner to manage it. Bringing in an MSP as your IT partner is the smartest move you can make if you want to use O365 to grow your business.

  • Cost Reduction

Office 365 is more affordable than ever (subscriptions start at $12.50 per user per month) with all monthly updates and service packs included, and also 1 TB of cloud computing storage per user. Small to medium businesses will love the reliability and security, but even the largest of firms will benefit from this powerful suite of tools. Forrester also concluded in their report on O365 that the delivered 3-month ROI was a whopping 378% (source: 2018 Forrester Research “The Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365”). We at McLane believe in transparency, so you’ll always know exactly what your cost is, with no surprises.

  • Increased Data Security

Microsoft Office 365 exclusive, proprietary security features to protect your sensitive data, especially in the cloud. They have also added in a Compliance Manager to help you meet the standards necessary to keep you in business. Plus, you have us, the eye in the sky, keeping careful watch over your precious data. No matter your industry, we help you maintain compliance and all those licenses, so you can get back to what you best, and stay worry-free.

  • Real-time Collaboration with Ease

Cloud computing is no longer just a pie-in-the-sky fantasy – it’s here and it has become standard business practice. But choosing which cloud option fits your future goals can be tricky. We can help you sort that out with expert consultation. Dream it, design it, create it – then edit and share it in an instant with anyone on any device to any device in real-time. With features like multi-party HD video conferencing, content sharing, team chat and shared calendars, your people can collaborate with the person in the next room, next regional office or across the world seamlessly. Think of all the time and resources wasted in the past trying to get everyone on the same page for a project, using the same processes and technology. With O365 implemented, those days are long gone.

We mentioned before that all of the tools, processes and services encompassed within Microsoft Office 365 can be overwhelming if you don’t where to start. And if you’re not properly managing it – or it’s beyond the scope of your IT department – you’re not getting the full benefits or tapping its complete potential. It then just becomes a wasted investment. You need a solid managed IT services provider, like us.

We’re here to help. We can offer you seamless integration with your existing servers and network, 24/7/365 assistance, transparent fixed monthly billing and show you and your staff how to get the maximum potential out of O365’s platform. You concentrate on running your business, we’ll handle your Office 365.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how O365 can grow your business!