McLane Intelligent Solutions, LLC is a high-performance, high-expectation, fun and invigorating place to exercise the incredible skills and talents we have been given. We are committed to a set of core values that we believe are non-negotiable. This means that team members must be committed to these values in order to remain on the team. These values are listed in priority order meaning that we work from the top down. Integrity can NEVER be compromised. If a sacrifice in efficiency is required to meet our commitments, then we will choose to do so. Putting these values in priority order will guide our decision making process if there is ever any question by one of our team members.

The five items in the list below are our company values. The expression of these values in our daily experience is what defines the “culture” of our organization.

Integrity is Key

We say what we’ll do and do what we say. If you commit to being somewhere at a particular time, be there at that time. If you say you’ll do something, do it. Be honest. Act above reproach.

Service above Self

We are a service company and believe being a servant is closely tied to our responsibilities. Servants put the needs of others ahead of their own. Service requires sacrifice. There will always be competing demands but we believe decisions require priority consideration for each person. Putting others above ourselves drives our behavior and decision making.

Work with Rigor at Work

When we’re at work, we work. Working with rigor means attacking things head on, being productive, and thinking of better things to do and better ways to do things. It’s a combination of working hard and working smart. Do the right things in the right way. Press forward.

Authentic Conversation

We are authentic in our conversations. If we have a problem with someone, we don’t let it stew. We don’t have “internal conversations”. We talk through how we really feel about things. We don’t give in too quickly. We debate vigorously when we believe in something. We bring up difficult issues. We don’t state opinions or assessments as facts. We are not overly emotional, snarky, or sarcastic in serious conversation. We are approachable so that people are willing to openly communicate with us.

Enjoy and be a Joy

We have positive attitudes. We are a joy for others to be around. We are as courteous to our team members as we would be to any client or stranger. We have fun at work!