Turn IT Around

So your workstation is crawling along at a snail’s pace and you’ve decided to call your local computer fixer-upper to take care of it. After hours (or days) of twiddling your thumbs, you get your computer back, only to find out that the problem was actually a result of your inability to manage the files. The computer didn’t break; it was just infected with malware due to user carelessness.

Your workstation is fixed, but you are the same user, and you will invariably be requiring the services of the local computer fixer-upper again when the same problem resurfaces. This fact, along with costly downtime, is often a substantial out of pocket expense that comes with paying the computer fixer-upper for parts and labor. This recurring problem can be a major hindrance that many small businesses can’t afford.

If your organization regularly faces this scenario, the established professionals at McLane Intelligent Solutions can offer your company comprehensive, and valuable solutions that are a powerful remedy to these burdensome technology problems. At McLane Intelligent Solutions, we charge an astoundingly affordable flat-rate that is comparable to a trip to the local computer fixer-upper, and we feature a remote monitoring service that gives your company the proactive support that will keep all of your workstations and other essential devices running smoothly.

Organizations that utilize our managed services see a boost in uptime. This can make your business more productive, which can provide enough revenue to pay for the managed service–and then some! All at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT expenses.

For more information about how the full-featured services from McLane Intelligent Solutions can present your company with an unparalleled value, contact us at 866-551-4628. We can help take your business to the next level!