Moving to a new space is often an exciting milestone for any business. Whether you’re upgrading, expanding, or opening a second location, a move is the start of bigger and better things to come. And just like buying a new house, settling into a new office space requires a lot of organization and planning. There are boxes to pack, furniture to haul away, utility hookups to coordinate, and change of address notifications to send out.

It’s a lot to take on – especially given the fact that we haven’t even talked about the biggest challenge yet; your IT infrastructure. Again and again, the McLane Intelligent Solutions team has seen clients underestimate what exactly goes into a successful move. There’s an assumption that as long as you’ve got your phone and Internet connections activated and waiting at your new location, all you have to do is plug your hardware back in and you’re good to go.

The reality is, the break room coffee pot is probably the only item that you can just plug in and start using. Moving your technology requires a ton of planning and strategizing. And that critical step businesses are missing during the planning stage? Calling us. Specifically, calling us with lots of notice. If your business has plans to move or open a new office in six months, now is the time to get in touch with the McLane team.

There’s no such thing as too much notice. The sooner we know, the sooner we can add you to our project list, guaranteeing we’ll have the time and manpower you’ll need available for your move. It also gives us a chance to start coordinating with your technology vendors, and working out the best way to make relocating as smooth and painless for your business as possible.

By notifying us early on, we can have a much needed conversation about:

  • What the challenges will be
  • What costs are involved in an IT move
  • What a move will entail for your specific business
  • How long it will take to get you back up and running
  • What adjustments will need to be made to make your current setup work in your new location

There are important questions that need to be answered that you might not even realize need to be asked. Things like where new cabling needs to be installed, or how long it will take to reestablish remote access to your network and servers. We know what that list of questions looks like, and you can leave getting them answered to us. In fact, by looping us in, we’re able to take most of the responsibility off of your shoulders. If a task involves your technology, odds are we can handle it for you.

Our number one goal is to help your business start this new chapter with as little worry and stress as possible. To do that, we need to know your current chapter is coming to a close. Bare minimum, planning something as complex as a move requires 90 days to be done successfully. Working within a shorter time frame than that will be frustrating and chaotic for everyone involved. There is no worse feeling than arriving in your bright new space only to find yourself facing a week of frantic phone calls, half-unpacked offices, and unimpressed customers while you try to get a handle on the situation.

Discovering that the jacks or outlets are not in the right place, and your server room needs to be completely rewired and re-cabled is a nightmare you don’t have to wake up to. Spare yourself and your team a whole lot of panic and stress by picking up the phone and getting in touch with the McLane team before you do anything else.

Let McLane Intelligent Solutions take the stress and uncertainty out of your big move. Contact us at or (866) 551-4628 , and we’ll gladly get the ball rolling.