Do You Have a Proper Disaster Recovery Plan in Austin TX for Your Business?

It’s a question all business owners in Texas need to be asking themselves. “Do I have a right and proper disaster recovery plan in Austin TX for my business?” Well, now you can have one, if you don’t already, with McLane Intelligent Solutions taking the wheel and steering you towards total disaster avoidance and business continuity preparedness!

Disaster Recovery as a Service – and a well-needed one.

For those business owners who either seeking new IT consulting help or who are new to backup and recovery planning, our comprehensive, multi-tiered data backup, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), and business continuity planning strategies will help keep your ship on course – even in stormy waters. Something no business can really afford to go without it in today’s web-connected, computer-networking world.

Is your IT disaster recovery planning in the right place? It better be.

Disaster Recovery Journal reminds us this week that your IT disaster recovery plan should be “solid and actionable,” also providing a link to illustrating “7 Steps to Hurricane-Ready Disaster Recovery”. These are good and timely reminders for us in Texas who just may see a superstorm or two this hurricane season.

The article makes the point that companies in hurricane-prone areas should be backing up their off-site data to places that don’t normally see hurricanes. i.e., Houston area businesses could backup data to places like Austin, and to companies like McLane Intelligent Solutions.

Because, after all, half of “intelligence” these days is preparedness.

Also in the news this week is a story about flooding and disaster recovery relief efforts in the Ozarks – not too far away from us at all here in Texas. If you’re occupying the first or basement levels of any building, you’ll want to have a working DR plan in place, simply for the flood factor alone.

We want to meet you and your disaster recovery planning needs.

With McLane Intelligent Solutions acting as your partner in network performance optimization, security assurance, and disaster recovery planning and management, you end up paying a small price for ongoing peace of mind.

Contact us today at (254) 791-8300 for more on what McLane Intelligent Solutions can do to eliminate your worries about what will happen when disaster strikes. And – don’t forget to download our free e-Book, “How to Write and Establish a Proper Business Continuity Plan” in the meantime. Then, call one of our fanatically-devoted IT specialists who will help customize and oversee your winning disaster recovery plan in Austin TX!