Leveraging go-anywhere business capability!

Do you need to get more done in a workday?

We all do, don’t we?
In today’s world, running a business is more than a full-time job.
A business leader like you finds themselves working all the time!
Tiring, isn’t it?
Fortunately for you…

We have a solution that will make life running a business easier.

The right technology setup allows you to stay connected and get things done on the go.
You can make the most of downtime and moments between meetings when out of the office.
We deliver a number of mobility tools that will allow you to work effortlessly and securely on your most confidential files – from anywhere you can access the internet.
And it’s cost effective!
What does that mean for you?
It means…

Simplicity, ease of use, and more accomplished.

That’s the value that the McLane Intel team will bring to your business!
It’s our job to work hard and make technology simple and safe for you – no matter where your work takes you.

  • Mobile Device Management ServicesMobile Smartphones
    Pocket-sized powerhouses of mobile capability!
    The smartphone market is booming with countless devices that make it easy for you to check email, sync your schedule, and keep track of contacts. We can help you find the best mobile platform and device for your needs.
  • Mobile Office SolutionsCollaboration Tools
    Working together to get things done!
    Your team will get more done in a work day with McLane Intel on your side. We consult and implement on a wide range of business productivity solutions, including popular tools such as VoIP phone systems and Microsoft Office 365.
  • Remote Access SystemsRemote Access
    Connect from Anywhere!
    Remote access increases productivity and has saves travel time. Whether you have multiple locations or staff that works from home, we will work with you to allow secure and simple remote access to files and software.

Let’s get started. Contact us at (866) 551-4628 or info@mclaneintel.com and grab the power of mobile productivity!