Meet the McLane Intel Team: Teresa Smetana

Teresa Smetana, mother of two grown kids (and three cats), has worked as a Sourcing Analyst here at McLane Intel for the past two years.

Teresa enjoys working at McLane Intel because of her coworkers and the nature of the work. In her own words, “I love technology. While the cell phones allow me to keep in contact with my kids, I would have to say the laptop – portable and powerful – is the one I would not want to be without.”

If Teresa won the lottery, she’d start by paying off student loans for her family, donate some to charity, and then travel the world – starting with Ireland, Italy, and France. Short of that, Teresa enjoys reading (her favorite series is Harry Potter) as well as watching movies, playing computer games, and spending free time with her husband and children.

To close, we’ll leave you with her words of wisdom:

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

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