Meet the McLane Intel Team: Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris returned to McLane Intel as a Help Desk Technician at the beginning of this year, after having worked with us for four years from 2011- 2015. He is a husband and father that believes any problem can be solved “with sufficient amounts of skull sweat”.

Kevin enjoys working at McLane Intel because of his coworkers and the company culture. In his own words, there’s “no better group of folks to work with toward satisfying customers and changing the negative stigma of IT support for all time”.

As an avid reader, Kevin would choose to spend a free weekend reading (his favorite books are the Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore) with his wife on their back porch, while “solving all the world’s problems”.

A few random facts: if Kevin won the lottery, he’d take a vacation to visit all the ports in the Mediterranean. His favorite food is orange chicken from Panda express, if he could meet any historical figure it’d be Cicero, and according to him, his analog watch is the technology that makes his life easier.

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