Regain Control over your Inbox

How Much does SPAM Cost Your Company?

Besides being a significant time waster for businesses, SPAM is also known for spreading harmful malware, which can cause a lot of IT issues. Stop letting unsolicited junk mail get between your staff and their jobs.

ConstantCare Email Protection is a cost effective, extremely powerful, and 100% hosted solution with no software to install. Using intelligent filters, SPAM is stopped before entering your network. Any questionable mail is quarantined and presented to you daily, so you never miss an important email. You’ll notice a significant drop in junk email when ConstantCare Email Protection is turned on.

Stop SPAM in its Tracks

With ConstantCare Email Protection, keeping track of Outlook filters and scrolling through spam messages are a thing of the past. The technology includes several layers of protection to block out viruses, phishing attempts, Denial of Service (DoS), Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA), and other email attacks. Think of it as a Firewall that applies specifically to your email. You will prevent these threats from entering your organization and vastly increase your staff’s productivity.

Spam and Advanced Email Options

There are many different levels of spam filtering available.

  • Basic Inbound / Outbound Filtering – Reviews all inbound and outbound email for SPAM and other threats.
  • Archiving – Email Compliance can require the storage of email. Advanced storage, search and retrieval options are available and can allow storage of email for as little 30 days or as much as 10 years.
  • Business Continuity – Email Continuity options allow user to receive and send email even when primary email systems are not accessible.
  • Encryption – Enables private communication to be encrypted. An automated system can be enabled to capture and encrypt emails with personal information in them.