What is Hardware as a Service?

Include hardware in your service plan

McLane Intelligent Solutions is known for offering a complete set of IT solutions for business. However, the technology you buy isn’t expected to last forever, and often costs more to maintain it as it gets old and outdated. Hardware as a Service is a flexible solution for companies that don’t want to be saddled with, or simply cannot afford to take on, the large capital investment of updating their computer hardware. As part of Hardware as a Service, we will include your equipment as part of your monthly plan so that there is no large cash outlay.

Save Money and Increase Employee Productivity

Retire your old computer hardware with our Hardware as a Service offering

Maintaining and upgrading computer hardware and software licensing can be difficult for any business. Small and medium businesses can experience challenges when crucial parts of hardware fail due to capital constraints. At McLane Intelligent Solutions, we offer Hardware as a Service as a common sense alternative to paying cash or leasing the same equipment.

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