Centralized Fax Management

Streamline your fax workflow

Improve fax communication and use less paper with digital faxes. Incoming faxes are delivered to email inboxes instead of being printed, making them easier to archive, search, and transfer. Send faxes directly from applications without printing.

Here are some of the useful features of Managed Fax:

  • Fax centralization provides centralized incoming and outgoing fax services
  • Fax to email converts all incoming faxes to PDF and distributes as an email
  • Application to fax allows faxing direct from applications and productivity tools
  • Print to fax allows fax via the print function from any application
  • Incoming fax management enables you to handle incoming faxes according to your workflow
  • Fax archive allows digital archiving of faxes for easy retrieval and storage

Centralized Fax Benefits

  • Streamline your fax communication efforts
  • Incoming Faxes are sent to email inboxes for easy, paper-free delivery
  • Send faxes directly from applications like Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Customizable management options give you control over who receives specific faxes
  • Store and search for faxes
  • Back up faxes with your backup solution for added security
  • Go Green–centralizing your fax solution will reduce your paper usage, the perfect start to adopting a more sustainable office