Reduce Printer Costs, Save Paper, Go Green

Get the most out of your Printers and Copiers

Do you know the total cost of printing in your organization? Do you have the experience and knowledge to control your print spending? Our dedicated printer management will help reduce your printing cost and increase your efficiency by letting us handle the printing and letting you focus on your business.

Three Tier Color Printing

Color Printing and Copying for the price of Black and White

Print color pages for as little as 1.5 cents per page. With Xerox Hybrid color printing, you can print useful color for the same price as black and white. Industry averages show that as much as 30 percent of color printing fits in this range and allows highly effective accent color, logos, and small graphics. We also have plans available to give the user the ability to print medium color as well as full color while still saving on their overall usage.

Never Run out of Supplies Again

ConstantCare Managed Print alerts you as supplies are running low

We proactively monitor your printer supply usage to ensure that supplies are ordered before it impacts your business. Order via a self help portal or call to have our friendly staff take care of it for you.

Save and Recover Print Costs

Improve your bottom line with ConstantCare Managed Print

ConstantCare Managed Print is built to optimize your print infrastructure so you can easily identify savings opportunities. By managing your print system we are able to enforce rules to consistently and automatically save costs by establishing permission-based access to systems and printer features.

Keep your Documents Safe

Prevent sensitive data from being exposed or stolen

ConstantCare Managed Print employs user authentication to ensure the security of every printer. Through user authentication we are able to create an audit trail so you will be able to see who prints what document when and on which device. Strengthen the security of your printing with ConstantCare Managed Print.

Improve your Bottom Line by Going Green

Reduce your company’s paper waste and carbon footprint

Print management solutions help reduce your company’s paper waste by enforcing rules to eliminate overprinting. By using ConstantCare Managed Print you will be able to enforce duplex printing, which will reduce your paper usage considerably. Also, if choosing a Xerox ColorQube device, the solid ink refills have no cartriges to be recycled or thrown in the landfill. They can reduce landfill trash by 90% per device. Also, the ink-to-page transfer is nearly 100% resulting in more efficient use of supplies. Support your company’s sustainability efforts with ConstantCare Managed Print.