Learn All About Computer & Network Security with a McLane Intel Cyber Security Briefing in Round Rock

Having top-tier computer and network security for your business venture is priceless. The premium has been placed on it because without it – your business venture is put at great peril after even one day of downtime. Which is why McLane Intel wants to heighten general awareness of computer network and cyber security and safety in the Austin area.

We do this with every client and job we take on, but we also like to participate in public forums and share ideas with other IT service professionals, and in turn, relate those ideas to our clients, prospective clients, and other participants in our cyber security conferences.

We believe that in these troubled times of directed cyberattacks and other computer network anomalies, and because we in the Austin community are all in this together, we want to promote having better cyber safety, security, and defenses in the workplace. The end result of such efforts can only be a win-win for those in the community who may, in greater numbers, adopt these better working strategies for total cyber security.

The idea is to integrate the education and awareness with the technology appliances and strategies to help create a more integrative formula for a higher standing level of cyber and network security from the enterprise to the small business spheres – and all points between.

Because awareness and education are everything in preserving one’s domain, in that spirit we are holding a sort of “town hall meeting” at the Kerbey Lane Cafe in Round Rock, inviting everyone in the community concerned about these issues to join us.

Join McLane Intel at Kerbey Lane Cafe in Round Rock on March 24, 2017 for a special cyber security “briefing” which will convey some very important principles about the mechanics and technical applications of IT network security, as pertains specifically to our local business owners and network administrators who are struggling to attain the highest cyber security safeguards and assurance possible.

We look forward to seeing you all in Round Rock on March 24!