How to Compete with Facebook Friends on Microsoft Band so Everyone Wins

Microsoft Band is a great way for people to focus on their fitness goals. Microsoft has taken it one step further and now allows friends to participate in friendly competitions. Learn more in our latest post.

Fitness apps and devices have become increasingly popular over the past few years. People love being able to compete with friends on fitness challenges. It can be a lot of fun inspiring everyone to push a bit further. In these types of challenges, everyone is a winner if they take part and they keep pushing themselves to do better than their friends. Microsoft has recognized this trend and has found a new way for friends to compete while using Microsoft Band.


Challenging Friends Using Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band is a fitness tracker that people have been using to keep up with their exercise during the day including steps, distance traveled, and more. Microsoft Band has kicked it up a notch by introducing new Social Challenges and Leaderboards. These are designed to help keep users motivated while having fun with friends and sharing accomplishments through the app. There are even new fitness challenges where friends can challenge each other to a head to head match up. To do this, all users have to do is connect their Microsoft Health and Facebook accounts. They will then be able to quickly find their friends if they have a Microsoft Health account. Once they find their friends, they can connect on the app. Users can even invite their friends to the app if they do not have it already.

How the Challenges Work

On the app is where users will find the challenges and the leaderboards. The challenges can have durations of one, three, five, or even seven days. You can customize the challenges depending on the type of activity you want it to be based on. Some examples of that you can include on challenges include cardio minutes, steps, longest runs or bikes, and more. For people who do not have Microsoft Band, they can still compete with their friends based on steps and calories burned which is tracked through the Microsoft Health app. They do need the app in order to gain access. Exercising with friends has proven to be a very successful motivator. The friendly competition that has been introduced through the app is something that can help everyone meet and surpass their goals while also pushing themselves and their friends further. Even if someone loses a challenge, they win in terms of fitness results.

Keeping the Challenges Going

The only way the motivation continues is if the challenges continue. Once a challenge is over, a new one should start so that fitness can continue. A body that is in motion stays in motion and as long as people are continuing to use the app with their friends, they should be able to meet their goals and then continue improving their fitness level. It is all in the name of fun and you can customize challenges to meet your needs.

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