Refresh Your Business Continuity Planning Awareness with Our Free Checklist!

Business Continuity ChecklistThere are many things that go into the making of a good business continuity (BC) plan. From assessment and analysis to communicating and coordinating with your staff, network administrator, users, etc., the finer points of such a plan – it often takes more than your own wherewithal. You also need business continuity planning experts like McLane Intelligent Solutions to help you establish a workable BC plan.

That’s the sentiment and reality behind the provisioning of our free business continuity planning checklist.

This checklist will help you as a business owner or network administrator formulate a long-term business continuity plan – one that is continuously resilient and ultimately reliable.

Our free business continuity planning checklist will help you:

  • Plan for the impact of an unexpected catastrophic event upon your business.
  • Assess your data and technology needs in the event of operations failure.
  • Communicate your BC plan to your employees and vendor partners.
  • Coordinate with external organizations and help your community – and more.

Our checklist will help you hone your disaster preparedness level and business continuity awareness, via a three-tiered “grading system” that allows you to choose, for each subsection, either “Completed,” “In-Progress,” or “Not Started”.

This will help you key in on specific readiness criteria, so that very quickly (hopefully within a week’s time), you can assess yourself, ahead of a consultation from a McLane IT consulting expert.

This way, you arrive at a BC plan that’s arrived at in a very self-aware manner. This is much more preferable than simply coming to us blind and saying, “Help us,” because then you and we both understand where you are coming – and what needs working on.

This opportunity of self-assessment will also help you to co-create a better BC plan with our oversight.

Because, we’re all in this quest for vigorous and reliable IT systems together, and we all need help sometimes.

And, when you’re ready for us to provide consultation, we’re right here as your Austin TX business continuity planning specialists.

We create you a lasting BC plan using the most advanced data backup and disaster recovery tools in the business.

But, as you will learn, (through our checklist and consultation coupled with your own research), data backups and disaster recovery planning are merely the foundation of a good BC plan – but aren’t all of it.

Business continuity planning requires a holistic, systemic assessment and overhaul of your entire operations.

And, that’s why we’re here.

So, don’t forget to download our free BC planning checklist, and call us at (254) 791-8300 for more info on what McLane Intelligent Solutions can do to help you implement the ultimate business continuity plan in Austin TX!