IT Consultant in Austin

Help Desk Technician Tier 2
I have an Associate of Applied Science in Network Security, and I’m an Apple Certified Associate.
But the thing I’m most proud of?
I am a new DAD!
And we’re loving our baby girl.

I enjoy playing golf when I can and hanging out with friends and family.
I’ve been working at McLane Intel for three years now.
The team here has embraced me and my contributions to the overall effort. McLane Intel truly is a team that has each other’s backs.
If I won the lottery? I’d build our dream house, give some to family and charity, and yes, continue to work for McLane Intel!

The one piece of technology makes my life easier right now is the Owlet monitor we have for our newborn daughter. It’s great; gives us peace of mind through the night.

But if I had one weekend off to do anything I wanted…I’d play a few rounds of golf at St. Andrews.